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Finance recruitment

Finance recruitment: grow in partnership

Looking for a partner with deep experience in finance recruitment?

We can help you manage and develop a talent strategy to accommodate mergers and acquisitions, changing regulatory environments, and shifting talent expectations.

From a custom talent strategy designed just for your team, we fill all financial services  roles, including:

  • Accountants
  • Banking roles
  • Business analysts
  • IT and tech support
  • Life assurance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Risk managers, and more

Recruiting talent in this sector requires fresh strategies, including the compelling presence of a strong employer value proposition. We can help you develop this as part of a comprehensive total talent strategy.

So, do you have the right processes and people in place to identify key talent? If not, or if you think improvements are possible, then let's talk talent today.

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Global case study reveals a consistent framework for recruiting top finance talent

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A large Australian global investment banking and diversified financial services group partners with Hudson RPO to support its worldwide hiring of niche, market-leading roles.

Within the first year, Hudson RPO built a collaborative framework for recruitment across four of the firm’s regional headquarters in North and South America. The cooperative structure involved stakeholders at every level, from recruiters to the leadership team.

The client’s engagement with Hudson RPO continues today, following implementation of the global RPO solution and two contract renewals.

Across EMEA, our team manages experienced hire recruitment for permanent employees, temporary workers, contractors, retained search, fixed term, and non-executive director roles.

We’ve hired for the European HQ in London, established offices in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We've also recruited for new offices in Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, and the Czech Republic.

Case studies


Americas: asset management firm

A leading firm lacked a consistent recruitment model, which was affecting diversity hiring and more. Within one year, we built a collaborative recruitment framework across the firm’s regional headquarters in North and South America.


Asia-Pacific: ClearView Wealth life insurer

Australia's leading life insurer and advice group had previously relied on costly talent agencies. To decrease hiring costs, build a strong employer brand, and improve their recruitment processes within a highly competitive space, they turned to us.


EMEA: PayPoint payment systems provider

PayPoint had come to discover that their small HR team could be more effective with the support of an onsite partner. They wanted an onsite partner to influence daily decisions, while providing recruitment consultancy and key talent strategy advice. They chose us.

Attracting tech talent in Financial Services

In finance, digital change is widespread. Top tech talent has never been more important.

Yet, the Financial Services sector often struggles to hire the most skilled tech specialists. Why is it so difficult for banks and other financial institutions to attract the best tech talent?

To begin, these coveted candidates aren’t always compensated in line with what they could receive at major tech companies. Compared to the culture of big tech firms, technologists are not always held in the same high regard, either. This often depends on the role and skill set.

Does this challenge resonate with you?

Discover what the sector must do in order to secure the best tech talent in the market. Read more about recruiting tech talent for roles in Finance.

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